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ssh Agent admitted failure to sign using the key. Permission denied (publickey)

Posted in Uncategorized by Ripan on April 1, 2010

You might need to ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa also, if the system isn’t doing it for you automatically.


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35 Responses to 'ssh Agent admitted failure to sign using the key. Permission denied (publickey)'

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  2. ddowdall said,

    thank you!

  3. Dave said,

    You are my hero! I was already going creazy setting up git. Thanks a lot!

  4. chs said,

    Thanks a lot, this helps me

  5. thanks man…

  6. electro boy said,

    save my day. thanks

  7. jon said,

    Thanks sooooo much!!!

  8. Bai Ui said,

    THANK YOU !!!

  9. shaun said,

    Thank you …..

  10. Wow man you saved my 1 hr at least :)

  11. francordie said,

    Thanks man!

  12. Thank You!

  13. Tim said,

    yeah brilliant :D

  14. edmatheus said,

    Great! Thanks.

  15. Legend! thanks for that.

  16. Vitor HP said,

    Genius! Thanks man!

  17. Neto said,

    you are the man!

  18. Vishal said,

    Thanks alot, It really worked

  19. Prashant said,


  20. swapna said,

    That really helps. Thank u

  21. Thanks friend, it worked and saved my day!:)

  22. a2aks said,


  23. Marco said,

    Dude, you have no idea how much you helped me with this…
    Thank you so much.

  24. AL said,

    Saved the day, dude!

  25. Fanendra said,

    Thanks mate. You saved my day :)

  26. Robb said,

    Thanks buddy! It worked for me!!!!

  27. uma mahesh said,

    excellent .. thank you so much..

  28. Grouchy said,

    Thank you!

  29. Anuja said,

    Thanks a lot!!! i’m so relieved..

  30. marcinsdance said,

    Thanks and graces to you young man, you’ve saved my time!

  31. Vin said,

    Cool! Thanks. : )

  32. csop said,

    Super thanks

  33. valmik said,

    Its working thank you so much

  34. rr said,


  35. Thanks man.

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